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It’s eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick, nail polish, temporary hair color…All-in-One Product!

It is hightly concentrated, lasts a long time and will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


How to Apply Shimmer Powders?

Our TrueColors shimmer powders are extremely versitile and natural. The following instructions describe how to best apply them.

Here is how it works as an eyeshadow: You can either apply it with your fingers directly, or you can use a Q-tip or sponge applicator.

Dampen your applicator and dip it into any color or in black and mix the mica with water into a mud consistency. Then take an angled brush and apply. The moisture makes the mica more intense, so it works great as a liquid eyeliner.

Applied wet it looks more matte, it will blend with your foundation or moisturizer and tone down the shimmer. You can use it we or dry, shimmery or matte. When this dries it mixes with the natural oils of your skin so it won’t fade or come-off when you cry or your eyes water.

Use clear mascara, dip into any color and mix it. Apply to your lashes. You can make any mica powder into mascara, image all the colors you can make.



Mix any clear lipstick or lip gloss with any mica color or colors. You can make hundreds of custom lipsticks. Use a white lipstick as a base and create a more conventional look.

Nail Polish
Take a clear nail polish and dip into a mica color and apply to the finger nail.

Place a small dab of lotion and mix it with a bronze or light color then apply it. This acts as a natural sunblock. You can also mix it with your favorite moisturizing lotion or sunscreen.

Hair Highlighter
Dip a medium sized brush into the bronze powder, then streak your hair. Mist on some hairspray so it will stay on. You can also mix it with hair gel or organic aloe-vera gel. This will also condition and moisturize your hair. When you are ready to remove it, it will wash out in one rinse.

Removing the mineral makeup
With soap and water, scrub you face lightly. No makeup remover or abrasive scrubs.


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