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New Shimmer Powder Collections
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We carry all of your favorite TrueColors shimmer powder, mineral makeup, cosmetics, brushes, lip glosses and giftsets. Our new collections have amazing new colors and shades... Go Shop!

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It’s eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick, nail polish, temporary hair color…All-in-One Product!

It is hightly concentrated, lasts a long time and will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Shimmering (Mica) Powder - This is a 100% pure and natural product that contains no fillers, oils or talcs and is the same pure color that is used in the worlds finest cosmetics. Available in 5 and 8 stacks.
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Glossy Lipstick - This product gives you all the color of a lipstick, yet the shine of a gloss. Instead of using perfurmes, we use flavors! So our lipsticks come in 12 coffee and liqueur flavors. Truly beautiful fashion shades and very tasty too!.


Cosmetic Glitter - This unique product is a very fine glitter particle that is not metallic. It can also be used as a nail polish color, eyeliner, eyesadow, body shimmer (or sparkle!) and as a highlighter. Available in 5 and 8 stacks.

Face & Body Powder - Gorgeous radiance! No need to use foundation, blush or finishing powder. This product could be all three. Gives your face a beautiful look of "backlighting" a trick photographers use to make their subject more aesthetic. Also makes an incredible body powder for a just tanned glow.

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